Practice Note 8.1 Rights Issue Timetable

Past version: Effective up to 28 Sep 2011

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Issue date: 10 May 2002

Effective date: 1 July 2002
Listing Rule 823 Please contact Issuer Regulation Department:—
6236-8872 Richard Teng
6236-8887 June Sim
6236-8895 Siew Wun Mui
6236-8264 Lorraine Chay
6236-8880 Tang Yeng Yuen
6236-8892 Ashley Seow

The following is the expected timetable for a rights issue:—

    No of market days after books closure date (D)
(a) To despatch SRAFs to shareholders who hold shares in their securities accounts with CDP, and to despatch PALs to CDP and to shareholders whose names appear on the register D+3
(b) Commencement of trading of nil-paid rights D+3
  Latest day for trading of nil-paid rights on or after D+9
  Last day for receipt and acceptance of SRAFs on or after D+ 13