7.03A.7 Investment and Use of Collateral

Past version: Effective from 26 Apr 2013 to 30 Dec 2013

7.03A.7.1 The Clearing House may invest, manage and use Collateral in such manner as it shall deem fit, provided that:
a. Collateral in respect of Customer Contracts shall be invested in accordance with this Rules, the Security Deed and the SFA; and
b. the Clearing House shall not use any Collateral received and notified to it as Collateral in respect of a Customer Contract to settle any obligations that are incurred in relation to a House Contract, except in accordance with this Rules, the Security Deed and the SFA.
7.03A.7.2 Each Clearing Member shall secure contractual waivers in favour of the Clearing Member from its Customers waiving their respective rights to all interest and investment earnings from the Collateral held with or otherwise provided to the Clearing House in respect of Customer Contracts, in the form and manner as may be prescribed by the Clearing House, as may be necessary to give effect to the Clearing House's rights in relation to interest and fees under Rule 7.03A.8.
7.03A.7.3 All Collateral deposited or provided by each Clearing Member to the Clearing House shall be subject to this Rules, the Security Deed and the SFA (each as amended or supplemented from time to time). Each Clearing Member shall ensure that all Collateral deposited or provided to the Clearing House are deposited or provided only on the foregoing basis and shall also ensure that, prior to depositing or providing any Collateral to the Clearing House for the account or for the Contracts of any person, such person has been notified of and has accepted the foregoing.

Added on 26 April 201326 April 2013.