18.3.6 Suspension of Trading

(1) The trading on SGX-ST of any or all Classes or Series of Options shall be halted or suspended whenever SGX-ST deems such action appropriate in the interest of maintaining a fair and orderly market and to protect investors.
(2) Among the factors that may be considered are that:—
(a) trading in the underlying securities has been halted or suspended on SGX-ST;
(b) the opening of such underlying securities on SGX-ST has been delayed because of unusual circumstances;
(c) SGX-ST has been advised that the issuer of the underlying securities is about to make an important announcement affecting such underlying securities; or
(d) other unusual conditions or circumstances are present.
(3) Rights to exercise not affected by suspension Unless otherwise decided by SGX-ST, the suspension in trading of Options shall not affect the right of Purchasers to exercise such Options during the period of suspension.