1.4 CDP Rules to Prevail

1.4.1 Save as provided in Rule 1.4.2 below, the relationship between the Depository and a Depository Agent shall be governed by these CDP Rules, the Depository Agent Agreement and the prevailing terms and conditions, Directives, Circulars or Practice Notes (which may contain prescribed procedures) governing the operations, facilities and services provided by the Depository (together, the "Depository Agent Terms").
1.4.2 The Depository is only responsible for the performance of those duties which are expressly set out in the Depository Agent Terms. The Depository shall have no implied duties or obligations of any kind whatsoever.
1.4.3 The Depository shall not be responsible for the accuracy, content or translation of any notice, circular, report, announcement or other material forwarded to any Depositor, unless the Depository has been negligent or fraudulent.