7.2.3 Restriction and Supervision of Member's Conduct of Business

(1) Subject to Rule 7.2.3(2) and in addition to the Exchange's summary powers set forth in Rule 2.15.2, if the Exchange is of the opinion that a Member has, or may have, insufficient assets or liquidity facilities for the conduct of its business, or that a review should be carried out in respect of the management policies or business conduct of a Member, the Exchange may require the Member to operate its business subject to such additional restrictions or conditions as the Exchange may impose, including:
(a) prohibiting the Member and its Approved Traders or Registered Representatives from entering into a new transaction or settling any transaction without the prior written approval of the Exchange;
(b) suspending the Member and its Approved Traders or Registered Representatives. Such Member and its Approved Traders or Registered Representatives remain liable to complete all Contracts outstanding at the time of suspension;
(c) requiring the Member's director(s) to step down from day-to-day conduct of the business affairs of the Member; and
(d) appointing a manager to manage the business of the Member. The Exchange shall fix the remuneration of the manager, which shall be paid by the Member. The Member is solely responsible for the manager's acts and defaults. The manager shall carry out directions given by the Exchange in relation to the conduct of the Member's business.
(2) Rule 7.2.3(1) shall only apply to a Bank Trading Member to the extent of its business that is governed by this Rules.

Amended on 25 August 200925 August 2009.