The following terms, unless the context requires otherwise, have the following meanings:

Term   Meaning
"AC" : Audit Committee
"AC Chairman" : Chairman of the AC
"Board" : The board of directors of the company
"CEO" : Chief executive officer or equivalent
"CFO" : Chief financial officer or equivalent
"Chairman" : Chairman of the Board
"Companies Act" : Companies Act (Chapter 50 of the statutes of Singapore)
"directly associated" : A director will be considered "directly associated" to a 10% shareholder when the director is accustomed or under an obligation, whether formal or informal, to act in accordance with the directions, instructions or wishes of the 10% shareholderin relation to the corporate affairs of the corporation. A director will not be considered "directly associated" to a 10% shareholder by reason only of his appointment having been proposed by that 10% shareholder
"immediate family" : As currently defined in the Listing Manual, to mean the person's spouse, child, adopted child, step-child, brother, sister and parent
"key management personnel" : The CEO and other persons having authority and responsibility for planning, directing and controlling the activities of the company
"Listing Manual" : The listing manual of the Singapore Exchange
"Management" : The management of the company
"NC" : Nominating Committee
"NC Chairman" : Chairman of the NC
"principal commitments" : Includes all commitments which involve significant time commitment such as full-time occupation, consultancy work, committee work, non-listed company board representations and directorships and involvement in non-profit organisations. Where a director sits on the Boards of non-active related corporations, those appointments should not normally be considered principal commitments
"related corporation" : In relation to the company, as currently defined in the Companies Act, to mean a corporation that is the company's holding company, subsidiary or fellow subsidiary
"RC" : Remuneration Committee
"RC Chairman" : Chairman of the RC
"10% shareholder" : A person who has an interest or interests in one or more voting shares in the company; and the total votes attached to that share, or those shares, is not less than 10% of the total votes attached to all the voting shares in the company. "Voting shares" exclude treasury shares

Reference to any gender shall include reference to any other gender, unless the context otherwise requires