Past version: Effective up to 14 Sep 2017

Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the Clearing House shall not be liable for any failure, hindrance or delay in the performance (in whole or in part) of any of its obligations to Clearing Members with regard to any securities or instruments accepted as margin where such failure, hindrance or delay arises from causes beyond the Clearing House's control, such as but not limited to the failure whether partial or total, interruption or suspension of any depository or custodian or other service ("depository", which expression shall include banks or financial institutions with which cash, securities or instruments are placed with) the Clearing House is using, the termination or suspension of the Clearing House's membership or use of the depository or any variation of the depository's operational timetable, whether or not occasioned by action of the depository operator or other party, or any embargo, unavailability or restriction of bank transfer systems or wires, malfunction or overload of the depository or other emergency.