Past version: Effective from 12 Nov 2018 to 16 Jul 2019

In respect of all defaults declared by the Clearing House, which occurrence takes place at or after such time that the Clearing House receives a Clearing Member's notice of resignation and before its effective date of resignation (such period being hereafter referred to as the "Notice Period"), the following shall apply:

2.28.2A.1 the Clearing House shall apply the resigning Clearing Member's Clearing Fund Deposit and Further Assessment Amount in accordance with Rule 7A.01A.2, except that the aggregate amount applied in respect of all such defaults shall be subject always to a limit of no more than two (2) times of the resigning Clearing Member's Clearing Fund Deposit requirement and Further Assessment Amount as at the time the Clearing House receives its notice of resignation.
2.28.2A.2 [This rule has been deleted]

This Rule 2.28.2A shall apply provided always that the Clearing Member complies with Rule 2.28.2B.

Added on 7 August 20127 August 2012 and amended on 29 July 201329 July 2013, 30 June 201430 June 2014 and 12 November 201812 November 2018.