Past version: Effective from 30 Jun 2014 to 16 Jul 2019

Notwithstanding Rule 2.28.2A, a resigning Clearing Member shall have no obligations in relation to any event of default, other than its own, occurring at or after such time that the following conditions have been met:

2.28.2D.1 the Minimum Notice Period has lapsed; and
2.28.2D.2 the resigning Clearing Member has no open positions in any Contract other than positions acquired in relation to an event of default occurring during the Notice Period, by way of:
a. an auction pursuant to Rule 7A.02.1.5.b.
b. [This rule has been deleted]

Added on 7 August 20127 August 2012 and amended on 30 June 201430 June 2014.