Past version: Effective up to 20 Jan 2013

Unless otherwise provided in the Clearing Rules or as determined by CDP, the Clearing Fund may be applied:—

(1) to make good all losses suffered by CDP as a result of the breach by a Defaulting Clearing Member of any of its Novated Contracts;
(2) to make good any shortfall (resulting from the inapplicability of Rule 6.4 to the New Purchase Contracts and New Sale Contracts) of moneys payable by CDP to the other Clearing Members pursuant to Rule 6.4; and
(3) in respect of the obligations and liabilities of CDP arising out of the Novated Contracts (including but not limited to the costs and expenses incurred in relation to making recoveries from a Defaulting Clearing Member and in relation to any action taken by CDP pursuant to Rule 8).

Amended on 23 January 200923 January 2009.