2.1.3A Conditions Governing Access to Connect Market

(1) A Trading Member shall be required to enter into a legally binding agreement with the Connect Broker, in such form and terms as the Connect Broker may stipulate, in order to participate in the Connect Market.
(2) A Trading Member may authorise access to the Connect Market to its Customers through such means made available by the Connect Broker and ensure that such Customers be subject to a legally binding agreement that would govern the terms and conditions for such access. Members that access or provide their customers with access to a Partner Market will be subject to such additional terms or conditions as the Exchange or its related corporations may prescribe in this Rules or in separate agreements.
(3) All trades executed through the Connect Broker shall be cleared by the Clearing House through a Clearing Member pursuant to the Clearing Rules. A Trading Member shall be required to have the requisite clearing arrangement with a Clearing Member.
(4) The Exchange may, from time to time, designate and approve a Connect Contract for Negotiated Large Trade transactions. Connect Contracts eligible for Negotiated Large Trade transactions shall comply with the minimum volume thresholds, related notification requirements and such other procedures as prescribed by the Exchange from time to time.

Refer to Regulatory Notice 2.1.3A(4); 4.1.11.

Added on 29 July 2022.